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Governments, public institutions and private sector organisations worldwide all recognise that one of the biggest threats to security, service quality and stakeholder wellbeing is unqualified staff using fake certificates, professional credentials and legal documents. At the DataFlow Group, we help entities – regardless of their industries – safeguard their operational integrity and communities’ best interests by providing thorough, accurate, reliable and timely background screening and immigration compliance solutions.

With a global network of over 60,000 issuing authorities, as well as an extensive team of research and analysis experts, we verify the qualifications and legal status of the professionals serving your organisation pre and post-hire, enabling you to make fact-based decisions and take corrective measures where necessary. Our technology driven research process and consistent track record have earned us a spot as a preferred partner to not only governments, regulators and Fortune 500 companies across the globe, but also to other background screening companies in our region. In addition to annually processing hundreds of thousands of transactions under our various verification and immigration compliance screening services, we also provide proprietary databases and international watch lists for organisations to use in their own screening procedures.

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In this day and age where the job market is cutthroat, competition is fierce and unemployment is on the rise,...

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30 Jan 2017, 07:01

You’ve sent your resume and you finally got booked in for a meeting! Ace your interview and get the job with these seven useful tips:

This article is a comprehensive guide to Primary Source Verification - also commonly referred to as PSV. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about this leading screening approach and why it is fast becoming organizations’ preferred method for confirming the genuineness of countless types of documents.

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