Alliances and Partnerships

Alliances and Partnerships

In today’s increasingly competitive global markets, we are seeing the misrepresentation of experience and falsification of documents become common practice. As such, we have been detecting in the past decade an alarming surge in embellished and forged credentials presented by dishonest and unqualified individuals looking to obtain professional licensure, college admission or higher positions in organizations across various sectors. For institutions, weeding out such cases without specialized assistance is a complex task, which is precisely where the implementation of a robust, advanced and accurate evaluation and screening process – specifically Primary Source Verification (PSV) – becomes imperative.

Unlike traditional authentication procedures, our customizable PSV processes guarantee that students seeking admission and professionals pursuing licensure achieve their goals, while ensuring that academic institutions and licensing boards avoid potential internal, financial, regulatory and reputational damages posed by document forgery. As pioneers in the field of Primary Source Verification, the DataFlow Group has proudly partnered together with the education evaluation services of Aequo International to consolidate and complement our longstanding industry expertise and global networks; thereby ensuring that communities worldwide are safeguarded against the countless risks of fraud and malpractice.

The DataFlow Group is a Global Sponsor to the Joint Commission International (JCI), click here to download our sponsored white paper on Primary Source Verification of Healthcare Professionals: A Risk Reduction Strategy for Patients and Healthcare Organisations’

The DataFlow Group is an Event Partner of NHS Providers 2016 and author of the whitepaper collaboration entitled ‘Document Forgery in Healthcare: The Integral Role of Primary Source Verification as a Solution’


The DataFlow Group is working with UK NARIC – the UK’s National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) responsible for providing information and opinion on academic, vocational and professional qualifications from across the world; to deliver immigration compliance and background screening services to support both public and private sectors.

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