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Top Seven Interview Tips

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‘Verifying Qualifications: Reducing Risk’ Workshop

In addition to participating in the UK NARIC Annual Conference as a key exhibitor, the DataFlow Group is also conducting a workshop entitled ‘Verifying Qualifications: Reducing Risk’. The workshop aims to outline the use of Primary Source Verification (PSV) as an ideal solution for preventing fraud and mitigating associated risks within the education sector. During […]

A Nationwide Partnership to Safeguard the UK Education System

In recent years, the DataFlow Group witnessed an increasing number of international students and academic staff misrepresenting or forging their documents in order to unrightfully attain admission to higher education or immigration status whether for studying or working abroad. As a world renowned education destination, the UK attracts hundreds of thousands of students and academics […]

Document Misrepresentation: A First-hand Experience

The DataFlow Group has been observing an increased number of cases where international students and academic staff attempt to misrepresent or forge their documents in order to unrightfully attain admission to higher education or immigration status whether for studying or working abroad. Based on this trend, we encourage education institutions throughout the United Kingdom to […]

Top 15 Interview Don’ts

So you received a call confirming the job interview you have been trying to secure. In anticipation, you have researched the company, looked up the job requirements, found out who will be interviewing you, prepared copies of your resume, reviewed answers for anticipated questions and planned when to leave the house in order to arrive […]

Why Do Companies Conduct Background Checks?

Over the past decade, public and private organizations and companies have jumped on the background check bandwagon – opting to screen the personal and professional documents of potential and existing employees alike. Wondering why? The answer is in fact very simple; to make sure you are telling the truth! While a large majority of people […]

Prepare Yourself for Your Employment Background Check

In today’s corporate world, an increasing number of employers are realizing the value of background screening to ensure their employees have the qualifications they claim. Background checks – which essentially entail reviewing a person’s personal, academic, professional and occasionally criminal or financial records – have become a routine part of the hiring process as they […]

Busted: Employment Background Check Myths

The words ‘employment background check’ are enough to make any candidate applying for a job position feel a little apprehensive and uneasy. Usually, this is not because the individual has an actual reason to fear the screening, but because they are unaware as to what the parameters of such a check are. Today we will […]

3 Reasons to Never Skip Employee Background Checks

Trying to save money or shorten hiring time by forgoing employee background checks? Well, think again. In today’s rapidly evolving business world, both small and large organizations find themselves making somewhat rushed decisions in order to keep up the pace and avoid lagging behind. However, not implementing a comprehensive background screening program may end up […]

Resumes: An Often Overlooked Culprit

In this day and age where the job market is cutthroat, competition is fierce and unemployment is on the rise, job seekers are going to great lengths to gain an edge over their peers. In addition to blatantly forging personal and professional documents, some choose to resort to a seemingly less extreme measure; embellishing their […]

4 Ways Background Screening Helps Boost Your Bottom Line

Smart businesses conduct their operations in a manner that positively impacts their profitability or bottom line – from processes and solutions to service delivery and workforce. In today’s landscape where credential fraud and diploma mills are widespread, ensuring company staff are genuine and fit for role necessitates the importance of background screening. Here are four […]

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