A Nationwide Partnership to Safeguard the UK Education System

A Nationwide Partnership to Safeguard the UK Education System

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A Nationwide Partnership to Safeguard the UK Education System

31 Oct 2017 administrator

In recent years, the DataFlow Group witnessed an increasing number of international students and academic staff misrepresenting or forging their documents in order to unrightfully attain admission to higher education or immigration status whether for studying or working abroad. As a world renowned education destination, the UK attracts hundreds of thousands of students and academics from around the globe for both study and employment every year – putting it at greater risk for applicant fraud. This rising trend has serious internal, financial, regulatory and reputational consequences for institutions and likewise to the safety of the national academic society as a whole.

In order to actively mitigate this growing problem, the DataFlow Group has partnered with the UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC) – the United Kingdom’s designated national agency responsible for providing data, information and expert advice on global qualifications and skills – to implement a robust screening solution known as Primary Source Verification (PSV) to assist education institutions nationwide in averting countless risks associated with document forgery and shielding their sponsor Key Performance Indicators. Additionally, this partnership will enable them to actively uphold the integrity and protect the admission and employment opportunities of genuine students and academic professionals within the UK – ultimately giving rise to global education communities that are safeguarded against the countless risks of fraud and malpractice.

How is PSV different from other verification processes?

  • Guarantees optimal personal and professional information integrity – due to its unique, thorough approach.
  • Verifies content listed on the presented document, as opposed to the superficial authentication of signatures or stamps – a widely common practice that is insufficient to confirming the genuineness of a credential.
  • Includes an additional layer of security through a check on the accreditation of the issuing authority, course and mode of study, as well as through a check on whether the staff at the institution is authorized to have issued the document.
  • Complements and supports traditional pre-employment screening – which is carried out for compliance purposes.

Visit our blog entitled ‘The Definitive Guide to Primary Source Verification’ to learn more about this cutting-edge screening solution!

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