Busted: Employment Background Check Myths

Busted: Employment Background Check Myths

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Busted: Employment Background Check Myths

20 Jul 2017 administrator

The words ‘employment background check’ are enough to make any candidate applying for a job position feel a little apprehensive and uneasy. Usually, this is not because the individual has an actual reason to fear the screening, but because they are unaware as to what the parameters of such a check are. Today we will be setting the record straight and dispelling four common employment background check myths.
Myth 1: If anything negative is detected, the candidate cannot counter the claim
Myth 2: The time taken to conduct a check is not enough for it to be accurate
Myth 3: Personal social media posts can cost the candidate the job
Myth 4: Companies rely entirely on checks to decide whether the candidate gets picked
In summary, employment background checks are carried out by companies to confirm whether a person is a good match for the available position, while ensuring the accuracy of their career history. This being said – and depending on the severity of the check’s findings and their relevance to the job – employers usually look at the bigger picture and consider screening as an added component that complements the hiring process, not as a standalone procedure on which they base their final decision.

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