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Four Secrets to Smart Hiring

Four Secrets to Smart Hiring

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Four Secrets to Smart Hiring

29 Apr 2018 administrator

For a company or organization to stay ahead of the pack, implementing a smart hiring process is of paramount importance to avoid recruiting the wrong people and reduce the risk of damaging reputational and financial consequences. In order to hire qualified professionals that are a suitable fit for the job, make sure to bear in mind the following points:

It all starts with the job description

A poorly written job description is a sure-fire way to attract unsuitable candidates and scare away the right ones. For this reason, make sure the vacancy post includes the necessary job requirements and highlights what the company has to offer, while keeping it brief and straightforward.

Take advantage of social media

In today’s digital age, utilizing channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram are key to ensuring your job post is being actively circulated, while coming across as a company that is progressive and follows digital trends – thus helping you draw smart applicants.

Never underestimate the importance of soft skills

In addition to having the relevant knowledge and professional experience required for the job, considering the candidate’s personality is crucial to gauging how they would handle certain social situations. Technical aspects of a job can easily be taught or acquired, whereas emotional intelligence, communication skills and social skills cannot.

Check their social media profiles

Not to downplay the importance of embedding a proper background screening program at the core of your recruitment process, but checking a candidate’s social media accounts can provide further insight on the person you are hiring.

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