Looking for Singapore WORK PASS? 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Looking for Singapore WORK PASS? 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW

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Looking for Singapore WORK PASS? 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW

17 Jun 2020 administrator

Countries and cities across the globe provide economic opportunities that attract professionals to migrate. While the countries are ready to capitalize on the talent and skills that foreign workers bring, they also ensure they bring the right talent that complies with the guidelines the government bodies have set for the applicants. Therefore, seeking work opportunities in a new country does bring in a need to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the processes and requirements around work permits, visas, professional license, etc. Each country has a regulatory body or ministry that regulates the entry of foreign nationals for practicing their profession. It is imperative to be updated on the guidelines outlined by the regulatory bodies and ministries and above all the critical documents needed for a successful application.

As a global leader and industry pioneer in Primary Source Verification, DataFlow works with numerous government and regulatory bodies across the globe and one of these is the  Ministry of Manpower – Singapore. We provide the Ministry of Manpower’s APPLICANTS, highly reliable and accurate verification of credentials for obtaining the “WORK PASS” – a preferred requirement. Our Verification procedures are aligned with the Ministry of Manpower – Singapore requirements. So, if you are seeking a Singapore “Work Pass” or renewal of an existing “Work Pass” for your employees or yourself, there are ….

5 things that you need to know……

WHO needs to verify Education documents/credentials?

The first step that you need to understand is who needs your credentials or documents? The education documents and certificates needed by the Ministry of Manpower – Singapore who shares the list of requirements and criteria including the education certificates that could be required to be verified. While we have outlined the requirements for you, please do check at the MOM portal for the latest updates. 

Qualifications (Origin country) 

Additional Documents needed

India Transcripts or mark sheets for all semesters, indicating the college attended

Verification proof for diploma and above qualifications from one of these sources. 

Institutions not listed in the application form Verification proof for a diploma and above qualifications from a global verification agency, e.g. DataFlow or RMI.

WHAT is required to be verified? 

You need to verify Education certificates which could be the degree or diploma or any other education certificate. The verification proof confirms that the qualifications are genuine and were awarded by accredited institutions. There are a few things you need to remember:

  • Notarized documents: Always remember, documents notarized by a notary public are not accepted as verified documents – it does not establish the accreditation of the institution and course, nor does it establish the authenticity of the document
  • Translation of documents: Our experience verification specialists and multilingual capabilities allows us to verify the documents in their original language. As the documents are being checked by your institution, they do not need a translated copy of the document
  • Original documents: For us to initiate the process, we only need you to upload a clear scanned copy of the document
  • Letter of Authorization: A letter of Authorization is a mandatory requirement that we need from the applicant to start the process, so never skip this one!

WHY is Verification required?

When a country is bringing in foreign talent they need to ensure they bring in genuine and authentic professionals who integrate with their culture and system and are in line with the government guidelines. Verified education credentials provide the Ministry the understanding that the institution and the course undertaken by your employee/individual applicant is accredited and the credentials are genuine. This assures the government body that they are hiring high-quality talent and giving them access to the best opportunities.

HOW is it done?

As a global leader in Primary Source Verification we verify the documents  from the issuing source. Each authority and document is different, so we reach out to the authorized representative of the institution and ask them to verify the authenticity of the document presented. While we seek verification from the institution we also check the accreditation of the institution and course. Also,

  • Our experience of over 14 years and having conducted verifications across 200 countries and territories enable us to verify credentials from anywhere in the world
  • Worldwide network of more than 100,000 Issuing Authorities
  • Our Verification procedures are aligned with the Ministry of Manpower – Singapore requirements
  • We check the accreditation of the institution prior to the verification process

HOW long does it take?

While there is an increasing trend towards electronic verifications and digitally hosting the information with our trusted partners, there would be documents and credentials which are not maintained electronically. However, with our robust and rigorous processes and experience of verifying over 2.6 million documents verifications are completed on an average of 30 working days. We also offer some Express services that speed up the process of verification by offering you a step by step assistant, which you could select at the time of payment. 

We are hoping the above information will help you get started with putting together all that you need to apply to the Ministry of Manpower for your “WORK PASS”

If you are interested in more information, you can contact us at sales@dataflowgroup.com and our team shall assist you.
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