Prepare Yourself for Your Employment Background Check

Prepare Yourself for Your Employment Background Check

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Prepare Yourself for Your Employment Background Check

30 Aug 2017 administrator

In today’s corporate world, an increasing number of employers are realizing the value of background screening to ensure their employees have the qualifications they claim. Background checks – which essentially entail reviewing a person’s personal, academic, professional and occasionally criminal or financial records – have become a routine part of the hiring process as they help companies and organizations avoid countless internal and external risks resulting from document forgery.

If you have been requested to undergo employment background screening by your employer; worry not, it’s not as complex or as nerve wracking as it may initially appear. It’s also very important to understand that any check whatsoever may only be conducted with your knowledge and written consent. Below are some of the most common components included in background checks:

Academic Credentials

This encompasses school and higher education degrees, as well as any professional training courses or certifications.

Employment History

This covers all the companies you have worked for – including information such as job titles, responsibilities, employment dates, salaries and other related information.

What Previous Employers Have to Say

Also referred to as a Certificate of Good Standing or reference, these are usually issued by your former manager or HR Department sharing an account of your performance during your tenure.

Employment Status

If you are applying for an overseas job, you will most likely be required to prove that you are legally permitted to work in that country. These documents may involve work permits, residency certificates, passports or other related papers.

Drug and Alcohol Tests

Not as common as the checks mentioned above, some employers require a number of lab tests to ensure that candidates are not reliant on any types of drugs or alcohol.

Criminal Records

Laws on checking criminal history vary depending on the country you are working in and the type of job you are applying for. However, any check to be carried out may only be initiated upon your approval.

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