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Six Secrets for Achieving Job Success

Six Secrets for Achieving Job Success

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Six Secrets for Achieving Job Success

30 Jan 2017 administrator

Identify Your Market Worth – Not sure what professionals in your position are getting? Ask around to find out pay and benefits of comparable jobs, and use that information to negotiate your starting salary.

Get Off to a Good Start – During your first week, ask questions and pay careful attention to the corporate culture of the company. Also, make sure to get a clear outline of your manager’s expectations for your first month on the job.

Be an Invaluable Asset to the Company – This is done by being reliable, direct, common-sense focused and bottom-line oriented. By thinking about the bigger picture, you will certainly be able to move ahead.

Acknowledge Your Weaknesses – Don’t pretend you have none. Identifying and understanding your weak points is the fastest way to overcome them. Your manager will also appreciate your openness and your readiness to make positive changes.

Climb the Ladder – Don’t get ahead of yourself. Before you ask for a raise, ask for more work. This will show your manager that you are capable of handling greater responsibility, thus increasing your chances of actually getting the raise.

Don’t Burn Bridges – Even if you got the job you’ve been wanting, exit your current job with grace by giving appropriate notice and by helping find a replacement. This way, you’ll leave your old coworkers and company with a positive impression, thus keeping an open door for future cooperation.

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