The Definitive Guide to Primary Source Verification

The Definitive Guide to Primary Source Verification

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The Definitive Guide to Primary Source Verification

30 Jan 2017 administrator

This article is a comprehensive guide to Primary Source Verification – also commonly referred to as PSV. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about this leading screening approach and why it is fast becoming organizations’ preferred method for confirming the genuineness of countless types of documents.

What exactly is PSV?

PSV is an advanced authentication process that involves obtaining information directly from the original source that issued a document – regardless of its nature. Such documents may include, but are not limited to: Academic degrees, professional experience certificates, resumes, work permits, practice licenses and passports, among others.

How does PSV differ from other verification processes?

As opposed to traditional verification procedures, PSV indicates the attainment of data directly from the issuing source – better known as the issuing authority. This guarantees optimal information integrity, hence ensuring that individuals are professional, proficient and perform to their maximum capacities.

What are the end benefits of PSV?

By implementing PSV on both existing and potential staff, organizations can significantly lower the possibility of incurring financial losses, regulatory implications, reputational damage and internal risks resulting from employee fraud or malpractice.

Which industries benefit most from PSV?

All industries without exception, especially considering the current global rate of document forgery – which stands at 2.32% as of April 2016 based on DataFlow Group statistics. Organizations at large – regardless of their scale and of the sectors in which they operate – are continuously at risk of falling prey to document and employee fraud. This is precisely why rigorous document verification – specifically PSV – is essential to affirming that individuals are honest, qualified and competent.

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