The Repercussions of Credential Forgery in Healthcare

The Repercussions of Credential Forgery in Healthcare

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The Repercussions of Credential Forgery in Healthcare

30 Jan 2017 administrator

A myriad of issues arise whenever a document is found to be intentionally misrepresented or forged.

Topping that list is an ethical concern regarding individuals who purposely choose to falsify their credentials. In sensitive professions such as those in healthcare where ethics hold greater significance, such decisions have a much higher impact on human life and society at large.

The second issue is the technical aspect, where a less qualified health practitioner may potentially pose a disastrous direct effect on the life of patients, running possible risks such as permanent disabilities or in some cases, death.

The third and final issue is at the medical board level, where a single case of malpractice by a less qualified professional may lead to lawsuits, loss of credibility and reputational damage for the medical institution whether it be a hospital, clinic, private practice and so forth.

Check out our infographic for interesting findings, facts and tidbits about the importance of conducting Primary Source Verification (PSV) – especially within the healthcare sector!

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