The Truth about Embellishing Your Resume

The Truth about Embellishing Your Resume

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The Truth about Embellishing Your Resume

27 Feb 2018 administrator

When applying for a new job, it’s not uncommon to be tempted at some point to boost your resume by making your title sound a little fancier, say you’re proficient at certain computer programs you have limited experience with or claim that you’ve managed a bigger team than you have. We’ve all been there.

A survey conducted by CareerBuilder covering more than 2,500 hiring managers showed that 56% have caught job candidates being dishonest on their resumes. The most common exaggeration was the embellishment of skills or capabilities, as well as the scope of responsibilities, with some people going as far as claiming to be employed by companies they never really worked for.

One of the main reasons candidates think they can get away with such behaviour is their hope that the organization does not implement a verification program that can weed out these applications, thereby removing any concern about getting caught red handed. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, as a rapidly growing number of companies have become more aware of the countless risks of not vetting applicant credentials and now adopt robust screening procedures as part of the hiring process.

It’s understandable why job seekers are looking to make their resumes stand out from the crowd, especially in today’s ruthless job market, however, being dishonest is not the right way to do it. In recent years, companies have become more willing to provide training to individuals who are otherwise a good match, even if they lack a specific skill, and now place greater emphasis on soft skills and cultural fit. The takeaway? Stay truthful about your professional strengths and weaknesses because with today’s advanced verification processes, it’s only a matter of time until your new employer finds out about the misleading claims on your resume.

For more insights about the importance of conducting background checks for companies and organizations, click here!

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