Top 5 Career Resolutions to Kickstart the New Year

Top 5 Career Resolutions to Kickstart the New Year

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Top 5 Career Resolutions to Kickstart the New Year

30 Dec 2017 administrator

As the holiday season comes to an end and the new year approaches, most people choose to take advantage of wiping the slate clean and starting fresh – getting rid of old patterns and creating new, more productive ones. Here are the top five career resolutions you should consider as a professional for 2018!

Learn something new every day

Make it a point to read an interesting industry article, brainstorm a new work approach with a colleague, try to find a more efficient solution for a persisting issue – just don’t get stuck in the same old routine just because it may seem like the easier option.

Recognize a job well done

In today’s fast paced work environment, interaction with your supervisor may be less frequent, which is why it is important to acknowledge and celebrate your own efforts and achievements, whether it be the successful implementation of a program you were assigned to or the completion of a major project you spearheaded.

Establish a professional network

Actively engage with your colleagues. Attend meetings that may be useful to your department, get in touch with members of other teams and really develop relationships with others as there’s so much to learn.

Step out of your comfort zone

It’s natural to want to stay within the safety of old work patterns and processes, even though we realize there may be room for improving them. However, push the envelope and take a stand – both your colleagues and superiors will admire you for speaking up and taking initiative to come up with a solution.

Take up a new hobby or activity

Have you been wanting to sign up for a baking class or try out kickboxing? Do it! Bringing variety into your personal life is essential to enjoying and excelling in your professional career.

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