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‘Verifying Qualifications: Reducing Risk’ Workshop

‘Verifying Qualifications: Reducing Risk’ Workshop

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‘Verifying Qualifications: Reducing Risk’ Workshop

12 Nov 2017 administrator

In addition to participating in the UK NARIC Annual Conference as a key exhibitor, the DataFlow Group is also conducting a workshop entitled ‘Verifying Qualifications: Reducing Risk’. The workshop aims to outline the use of Primary Source Verification (PSV) as an ideal solution for preventing fraud and mitigating associated risks within the education sector.

During the workshop, a support paper will be shared with attendees highlighting and explaining the principles of PSV, and how it is used to detect fraudulent applications that could potentially endanger an academic institution’s compliance with Home Office regulations when recruiting international students and workers, in addition to a selection of case studies detailing how the DataFlow Group conducts PSV and the effectiveness of its outcomes.

Date: Monday 20 November

Time: 3:10 PM

Location: Victoria Suite

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