Why Do Companies Conduct Background Checks?

Why Do Companies Conduct Background Checks?

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Why Do Companies Conduct Background Checks?

24 Sep 2017 administrator

Over the past decade, public and private organizations and companies have jumped on the background check bandwagon – opting to screen the personal and professional documents of potential and existing employees alike. Wondering why? The answer is in fact very simple; to make sure you are telling the truth!

While a large majority of people may carry genuine credentials, there has been a growing trend of individuals who don’t – whether it be the falsification of university degrees and certifications or the misrepresentation of previous job titles, responsibilities and tenures, among countless other seemingly ‘harmless’ tweaks.

For a company or organization, the cost of hiring or retaining such employees may result in a plethora of issues – from regulatory, liability and reputational risks to financial and internal threats, which is why most are choosing to implement robust background screening programs at the core of the hiring process or as a periodic check for employees who have been working within the establishment for years.

To learn more on how to prepare yourself for your employment background check and find out about some of the most common verification components, click here!



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