Why is it so difficult to spot Fraudulent Professionals?

Why is it so difficult to spot Fraudulent Professionals?

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Why is it so difficult to spot Fraudulent Professionals?

01 Oct 2020 administrator

Spotting fraudulent professionals is a complicated process, and several factors come into play during the process. First and foremost, there is the issue of diploma mills – unaccredited universities and colleges that sell unrecognized and effectively fake degrees. Not only do these diploma mills produce fake education credentials, but also heighten awareness of their activities by creating their own accrediting bodies as a cover of legitimacy to circumvent screening programmes.

With professionals looking to work in the international market, the process of sourcing quality professionals with genuine credentials gets even more challenging with language barriers, unfamiliar regulatory regimes and high volumes of applicants. Typically, governments and regulators have relied on a system of notarization and attestation to certify a document as legal and genuine for international use by foreign workers. This traditional approach has flaws as a notarization only attests that a copy of a document such as a diploma appears like an original but does not verify its authenticity. That is, it does not guarantee that – the diploma itself is authentic or the person whose name is on the diploma ,attended the school or that the institution granting the diploma is not fake.

On the other hand, notarization can also be fake. Many counterfeit documents the DataFlow Group has uncovered are imprinted with official-looking stamps, attestations and endorsements. The Hague Conference on Private International Law – an international organization facilitating agreements on legal matters – expressed serious concerns about the potential abuse of notarisation, stating: “An official looking certificate may be issued to a copy of a diploma mill qualification, and then subsequently issued with an Apostille, without anyone having ever verified the signature on, let alone the contents of, the diploma. The addition of seals, certificates and Apostilles lends credibility to these documents in the eyes of those who are unaware of what is actually being certified.”

In summary, screening of candidates to source quality talent, particularly for high risk professions is imperative for any organisation. DataFlow with a worldwide network of more than 100K Issuing Authorities and its industry-leading verification solutions, verify education and experience credentials of professionals, thereby mitigating the risk of hiring fraudulent professionals. We support government authorities and regulators to source genuine and quality professionals to meet their high standards of services to serve the communities. 

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