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Governments, public institutions and private sector organisations worldwide all recognise that one of the biggest threats to security, service quality and stakeholder wellbeing is unqualified staff using fake certificates, professional credentials and legal documents. At the DataFlow Group, we help entities – regardless of their industries – safeguard their operational integrity and communities’ best interests by providing thorough, accurate, reliable and timely background screening and immigration compliance solutions.

With a global network of over 60,000 issuing authorities, as well as an extensive team of research and analysis experts, we verify the qualifications and legal status of the professionals serving your organisation pre and post-hire, enabling you to make fact-based decisions and take corrective measures where necessary. Our technology driven research process and consistent track record have earned us a spot as a preferred partner to not only governments, regulators and Fortune 500 companies across the globe, but also to other background screening companies in our region. In addition to annually processing hundreds of thousands of transactions under our various verification and immigration compliance screening services, we also provide proprietary databases and international watch lists for organisations to use in their own screening procedures.

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Countless incidents involving credential forgery within the healthcare sector have been recorded in the United Kingdom, causing health institutions of all types to incur financial losses, regulatory implications, reputational damage and, most importantly, internal risks.

The answer is simple! In today’s highly competitive landscape, hospitals and healthcare institutions at large are placing a special focus on hiring exceptionally talented people, whether they be doctors, nurses, technicians, anesthetists, administrative staff and so on. Recognizing this, an increasing number of underqualified and dishonest individuals have been going to great lengths to embellish or even forge their academic credentials or professional experiences in order to unethically stand out from the crowd.

When detecting dishonest individuals, several factors complicating these efforts come into play. First and foremost, there is the issue of diploma mills - unaccredited universities and colleges that sell unrecognized and effectively worthless degrees. Not only do these mills produce bogus credentials, but with time they have also adapted to heightened awareness of their activities by creating their own accrediting bodies as a veneer of legitimacy and by taking advantage of lax law enforcement in their home countries to try and circumvent screening programmes.

A myriad of issues arise whenever a document is found to be intentionally misrepresented or forged. Topping that list is an ethical concern regarding individuals who purposely choose to falsify their credentials. In sensitive professions such as those in healthcare where ethics hold greater significance, such decisions have a much higher impact on human life and society at large.

The appeal of overseas job opportunities and the ongoing shortage in professionals to meet enhanced investment in infrastructure and social services has created a lucrative market for unqualified individuals to embellish or forge their academic or professional documents, taking advantage of the prevalent need to bridge the gap between supply and demand. In countries that import labour to support future growth and development, this trend is creating an increasingly acute problem

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