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January 2017: Vol.1

Protecting Communities

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Event Participations

The DataFlow Group is constantly traveling around the globe to educate organizations across various sectors about the consequences of document forgery and raise awareness on how Primary Source Verification (PSV) can help mitigate the issue. Over the course of 2016, we actively participated in and sponsored top international industry events that brought together experts, stakeholders and decision makers throughout the world looking to implement top worldwide standards, avoid internal risks and protect the communities they serve. Learn more about our most recent and upcoming involvements here!

White Paper Publications

NHS White Paper

We are proud to have partnered with the National Health Service Providers (NHS Providers) to develop and launch our latest white paper entitled ‘Document Forgery in Healthcare: The Integral Role of Primary Source Verification as a Solution’. The publication serves as a key resource for protecting healthcare organisations, staff and patients from the serious consequences of credential fraud, and as such we are confident that you will find it to be highly insightful, informative and practical. Click here for free access!

JCI White Paper

This year, we sponsored a white paper prepared and published by Joint Commission International (JCI) – the leading worldwide healthcare accreditation organization. Entitled ‘Primary Source Verification of Healthcare Professionals: A Risk Reduction Strategy for Patients and Healthcare Organisations’ – the white paper highlights the importance of Primary Source Verification (PSV) in safeguarding patients, staff and establishments within the global healthcare sector. Download the white paper here to learn more!

Industry Insights

Protecting the Interests of Talented Employees in Your Establishment

With the corporate culture around the world becoming increasingly intricate and diversified, we are witnessing the rise of new challenges to which, understandably, only new solutions are effective. Corporate values such as employee health and safety are continuously evolving and taking on different contexts; both moving beyond the traditional sense to include protecting job security, career growth and the overall interests of employees, as opposed to merely the physical aspect. Read more!

The Alarming Reality of Document Fraud in Healthcare: A Closer Look

A global imbalance in the supply and demand for medical professionals has contributed to a burgeoning market for fraud and criminal activity. In the Middle East alone, the DataFlow Group has screened since 2013 hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals migrating to work in the region, an estimated 3% of whom were found to have used fake or misrepresented academic credentials, professional licenses or work histories in their visa or licensing applications.

Nurses were most likely to misrepresent their backgrounds, with 4.4% of applicants having a negative background screening result, followed by allied healthcare professionals such as a pharmacists and medical technologists, coming in at 3.8%. The most commonly misrepresented information received from nurses and allied healthcare workers was employment history, particularly the tenure, position and type of institution stated in their work experience. Alternatively, physicians were more prone to having negative results related to false academic credentials. Read more!

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