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Top 4 Recruiting Challenges

Top 4 Recruiting Challenges

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Top 4 Recruiting Challenges

28 Jan 2018 administrator

For most businesses, the beginning of the year is a busy time for HR departments and managers. Hiring new staff is not always a smooth process and often comes hand in hand with a number of challenges. Here are four areas of concern businesses will likely face when hiring new employees into their organization:

Finding qualified professionals

Competent and experienced staff are vital to getting the job done effectively, especially given that a significant number of candidates – 56% according to CareerBuilder – opt to tweak or embellish their resumes in order to secure higher positions or better pay in the job they’re seeking.

Making sure they fit into the company culture

Not to downplay the importance of professional skill and experience, it is also crucial that the new employee is aligned with the organization’s corporate culture so as to ensure that productivity and quality levels are not compromised.

Providing adequate training

No matter how qualified or accomplished the candidate is, they still need proper training on the company’s systems and processes in order to ensure that productivity and revenue levels remain unaffected.

Retaining key individuals

Good staff don’t come along too often, so when organizations do find them, holding on to them is extremely important. Many companies assume that financial compensation is the solution; however, research has shown that there are other benefits employees value just as much, if not more, than money. These include a fair work-life balance, as well as personal and career development opportunities.

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