Oman Medical Specialty Board

Oman Medical Specialty Board

The Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) leverages the DataFlow Group’s specialized Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions to screen the credentials of healthcare professionals practicing in the Sultanate.

An independent body tasked with formulating proper standards and criteria for practicing and advancing health professions, the OMSB aims to upgrade professional performance, develop skills that enrich scientific literature and apply knowledge in the various fields of health specialties. The vision of the OMSB is to achieve excellence in postgraduate medical education, training, assessment and accreditation across Oman, thus improving the knowledge, skills and experience of medical and healthcare professionals. The mission of the OMSB is to maintain and improve the quality of medical care throughout the Sultanate by developing and maintaining postgraduate medical specialty education and setting the professional and educational standards for the training and certification of medical and healthcare practitioners.

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